I see so many heart-centered, brilliant woman over doing and over giving their gifts and services without the time to charge.

And, this is wreaking havoc on our world, families and YOU!

You might be working hard and become tired and exhausted since your environment is not supporting you and deep inside your heart you are not happy.

Do you want the freedom that comes when you are able to access your divine feminine?

I invite you to come to the Return of the of the Divine Feminine retreat and immerse yourself in the gentleness of the company of the spiritual women, get in touch with the mystique within you and reward yourself with the weekend of relaxation, divine yoga, delicious food, kiirtan and the rituals for your Divine Feminine renewal!!!

At this retreat we will explore:

  • What does it mean to be Divine Feminine at this time in the history!
  • How the story of the matriarchy changed and got replaced by the male dominated society!
  • How to restore the qualities of the divine feminine without being submissive.
  • Be part of the healing rituals that will inspire you and bring the light in your life!
  • Create your own personal vision of the Divine Feminine that will serve you in your work and your relationship.

Please call Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ for more information: 707 722 7382 email at:,


Yoga is becoming more and more the profession of women. If you are interested to explore and learn this ancient wisdom, Ananda Yoga Guru Kula offers Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours Yoga Alliance approved programs. It is a customized for maximum of 4 people, to meet specially the needs of women.

call for a free Discovery session if this style and approach will be fitting for you.

Please call Ananda Deviika ‘Ma’ for more information

707 722 7382 or email at:

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